Monday, January 09, 2006


Been MIA for quite some time, but am alive and healthy (though not for too long - am already starting to feel the back to school bug :( And after 3 long weeks of holidays, too!)

During the holidays, I have:

1) Come to realise that my priorities, regarding school, may have been flipped. Following the most disastrous semester exam I have ever taken, I cared less about Math, and started to have nightmares about French. So far, there have been two, one involving... well, me failing the French exam (though I know otherwise, the exam was so easy)... and another involving me trying to communicate with a french-speaking alien. Ahah, my dreams are becoming stranger and stranger. Note: possible correlation with behavior.

2) Sorted through my things and actually cleaned my closet. Which is a major accomplishment for me, because my closet now looks like it's owned by a human... unlike before.

3) Got online. Yay.

4) Had family come in from California and Penang, so we spent much time together. Involved much squashing into cars and alcohol-consumption.

5) Never touched my textbooks until I absolutely necessarily had to. Which was the day before school started aka yesterday. I have never been so... non-geeky.

6) Went out with friends, which I hadn't had time to do during/right before exams. We went to Megamall and for once were actually normal (read:forgot all about school and enjoyed ourselves.) And what better way to celebrate the holidays than not being alone (or with immediate family, which sometimes may be worse...)?

7) SLEPT. Sleep-lackage while school was in session and so successfully caught up on sleep by often sleeping in till pm.

The holidays were great. And so I dread going back to school because then the awesomeness of the holidays have to end.


Anonymous kyels said...

Awww ... I miss the holidays too ... I had a week off after my exams in January ... But still it's not enough. Jeez!

How have you been babe?

Wed Feb 08, 08:36:00 PM  
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