Monday, August 22, 2005

The beginning of a crazy school year was a month ago

Erm. I disappeared. Oops. School. Blah.

My first thought these mornings: Just a few more... hours.
My last thought these nights: Just one more year.

And then Russia, I hope. Moscow Medical Academy. My cousin's studying there, and likes it. Most of my classmates are going to Canada/UK. Ahh, need money la. How to go there if not rich?

I cut my hair at the beginning of the year. People noticed.

Goal to achieve this year: Not to look so strange in the yearbook. This year will be the worst (is a half-page photo REALLY necessary?)

Marketing and Media means we (a group of four) are helping the Parents Association organise the school Cancer Awareness Week and Madeleine Children's Fund (MCF). It's actually not too bad. The downside is that I have to spend more hours at school to put up posters and yellow ribbons.

New Chem teacher means strictness and lots of hard work, but fun in experiments as well. We played with matches and Bunsen burners and blue Copper(II) sulfate hydrate.

Different Bio teacher means little quizes almost every lesson and an online disection of a frog next class.

New principle: scary. Strict. Looks like Dan from One Tree Hill.

Am: Almost-insane. The end of last year had three of us skipping classes and sneaking out of campus and worrying about a blurry/unclear phone call from a friend at school but was actually about buying food from the McDonalds down in Mont'Kiara Plaza.

Will: Go insane by the end of the year from all the pressure of IB mocks and exams and colleges and decisions, etc. Especially English. Everyone's got a breaking point. According to my english teacher, at least one in each class will break down during the oral examinations, which is a 12-minute commentary with only 20-minutes of preparation. What did I do to deserve this? My present self is kicking my stupid past self for choosing to take IB English.

We used to have monkeys in the school, but they've cut down the forest behind the school. Some monkeys have disappeared, others have migrated to the courtyard. This means I see more monkeys during lunch. The one time I sat IN the courtyard this year, there was a monkey in the tree above me. Eeh. According to the school newsletter, students have been teasing the monkeys :/

Oh well. It's my last year. I didn't expect an easy ride, anyway.