Friday, July 01, 2005

Zombie dogs and World War III

What is the world coming to? I know, I know, overused phrase over there, so cliched and old and all that junk that it's not even catchy anymore. But that was exactly what I was thinking when I read this one article.

We've all heard of attempts to bring people back from the dead, and what not - hell, there's even a whole bunch of movies exploring that subject. We've all seen them: zombies, vampires, even ancient Egyptian mummies as seen in that movie with Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz. It's these movies, featuring creatures that rise from the dead, that explore and cultivate our fear of death and turn them into box-office movies. But we all know that such things cannot happen... right?

BEEEEP. WRONG. At least, according to this article. At first, I thought: PRANK. Immature kids playing with a website. But my suspicions were proved false, as I checked the URL: and was shocked when, lo and behold, it was from Reliable source? Most probably. Immature kids playing with a website? ... Nah, probably not. But, seriously, that's just bizarre. Not the good kind of bizarre, either, but the ultra-super-bad-kind.

So. Like. Many points, in no order of relevence, on why this is a fucking bad idea.

1. "US scientists have succeeded in reviving the dogs after three hours of clinical death, paving the way for trials on humans within years."

Okay, so. Think about that. What would happen if it falls into the wrong hands? I mean, if in the future there's a Hitler II, bigger and badder and more powerful than ever, and this time, is bent on killing everyone else besides blue-eyed, blond-haired Germans. What if this technology falls into his hands? Would you really want an immortal Hitler, who, even if you stab, poke, shoot him, would be able to survive? Okay, yes, the article only deals with saving those from death by bloodloss, but technology, medical technology included, is always undergoing change and improvement. An immortal Hitler? Fuck no, not a good idea.

2. Okay. So, like, let's freeze the person and then revive him again, and it'll all be fine and dandy.

WRONG. This might just start up a World War III -- this time, over religion. Bringing back someone from the dead raises a few concerns: Would the dead'un have met God, as is proposed in many holy scriptures? The dude did die, after all. Whether he met God or didn't meet God would disprove many religions, and there is no avoiding the subject after the guy is raised from the dead. This would only deepen the ridges between the religions. Do we really need less religious tolerance? What if they raise the guy back from the dead only to have him disprove all religions but one, and that religion would then become the all powerful ruling force? There'd also be a conflict about whether it's right to freeze him and then bring him back, as it'd break lots of religious rules and such. There'd also be this heated argument about God's intentions. Say a person loses lots of blood, and is frozen and officially dead, gets blood transplants or whatever, and brought back to life. There'd be this huge thing about God setting the person's fate, and that he was supposed to die right there and then and the scientists were not supposed to interfere, and stuff like that. This would be a controversial subject, perhaps even more than cloning.

Eventually, a whole bunch of people would get mad, non-believers and believers, and there would be a huge clash of religions. I can see it now in the topic-area of future textbooks: WORLD WAR III BEGAN DUE TO CARELESS SCIENTISTS. What would happen to those who have followed their religions for years, priests and monks and clerics and such of the disproved religions? Would they have anything left to live for? Would they go mad? Berserk? Forget War of the Worlds, this is War of the Religions.

3. We'd be putting a price on human life. Literally.

Imagine those too poor to pay for that medical treatment, which would, most probably, be expensive as hell. What would happen to them when told that, "Sorry, you can't afford your father/husband/daughter's life." Talk about trauma. What kind of torment would the poor family go through? How long would the guilt last? How would they feel, having a dear one's life not worth as much as others?

4. Okay, so, your neighbour, a mother, commits suicide one day and is up and walking again the next week.

She can't die if she wanted to, she'd most probably be looked disgracefully upon for leaving her children motherless and for doing what some view as a "despicable" act. Even more, what would it do to neighbours or YOU to see someone who was once dead up and walking again? What psychological effect would it have on her children, seeing their dear mother dead one second and alive the next? And, if she's done it once, she's bound to try it again, and her loved ones would have to endure twice the psychological trauma than if she'd never risen from the dead the first time. And, who knows, she might just rise again...

5. So your body is back -- but what about your mind?

Who's to say that, once you come back, your mind comes with you? I'm not sure if they can tell with dogs, but, hey, how would the brain function without oxygen and blood? If the person returns, how would we prevent the mind from rotting away into stupidity? Into insanity? How would a person feel being dead one moment and alive the next? Would he/she be reincarnated? What if the person is reincarnated, and only comes back as an empty husk? Would the person's soul come back with his/her body?

... Would your mind come back with the body? I sure wouldn't want to be a vegetable the rest of my life.

I see one benefit, and lots and lots of danger.

Really, don't people learn things from movies? No? Here's a quick lesson from Hollywood:


The End.


Blogger torment said...

I'm sure they had similar apprehesions at every medical research breakthrough in history.

Penicilin, organ transplant, x-ray, u name it.

Oh no, what if there's another Hitler, Genghis Khan, Stalin and we're able to make him well, make him whole, revive him, raise him from the dead?

My dear, stand back please and behold the wonder of science! Ethics and religion can be discussed during tea break.

To the future I say! I wanna live forever! Don't you?

Fri Jul 01, 11:02:00 PM  
Blogger Delevia said...

Yes, yes, that's true, but bringing people back from the dead? Doesn't that like break religious law #1 or something? I mean... hm, I could imagine it being debated over alot more than cloning was.

I'd really hate for people to die in the disproval or approval of an imaginary being. It's not the religions bit I'm too worried about; it's the aftermath. All or most of our huge scientific revelations have typically been followed by religious turmoil and warfare. I am definately not one to say we should stop science in the name of religion -- but the idea of what could happen because of peoeple's enormous beliefs in religion... that's the terrifying part.

Hm, living forever does sound appealing. Yet I imagine it'd get boring after a while, no? Heh.

Sat Jul 02, 11:56:00 AM  
Blogger narrowband said...

Thanks for the news - I actually forwarded the link to my friends and told them to check it out also.

I couldn't believe that that can actually be done! But yeah, alot of disadvantages. Agree with you.

Tue Jul 05, 11:11:00 AM  
Blogger Delevia said...

Hehe, no problem. A friend pointed it out to me, as well, and I was shocked initially.

Tue Jul 05, 01:05:00 PM  

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