Thursday, July 07, 2005

Starbucks, relaxing, and endless talking

There's something about listening to songs while writing.

I went out yesteday. Got up at six thirty AM, got dressed, caught a taxi and met up with a friend at seven thirty or so. After spending a while in her condo joking around and waiting for her to get dressed, we headed to the Starbucks just down the street in Plaza Mont'Kiara. She bought me a drink, and we chit-chatted about things, little and large, trivial and important. It was nice. Relaxing. I was more relaxed than when I'd stayed home all day and did absolutely nothing. It was nice out, especially since it was morning. Sky was bright blue, hardly any clouds, people all in a hurry, and we were leisurely sitting there and talking. Not in a hurry at all.

We used to do this during those days at the end of the semester, when we were allowed out of school between exams. Everyone else did last minute studying, while we headed to McDonalds, ate, and talked. We sneaked out of school during the last week, after exams had ended. It was the second to last day of school, while the others were watching some old movie, and I remember how we'd gotten caught by the guards but lied our way out of trouble. We used to just sit and talk and joke and tease and it was all fine and fun and more entertaining than any movie could be.

We talked about how we only had one year left at school. She teased me about how I was one of the youngest in our year and that I'd have the most trouble sneaking into clubs, and I teased her about being a ditz and her losing her card to her condo, that she'd have to squeeze through the bars of the gates yet again. She said I'd make the perfect teacher, that I'd frighten the kids into silence. She said she wanted to be a lawyer; I told her that that would be the ideal job for her, because she's always arguing. We have this odd relationship... we always tease each other, but really, we love each other. At least, I do.

We avoided the sad topics. About how we'd most probably not be able to see each other again after our last year ends, next June. We knew we wouldn't even be studying in the same country. She's not Malaysian; she's planning to study in Britain, and nowhere else. I'm Malaysian, but I won't be able to study in Malaysia, so I have this plan to migrate to Canada and study and have fun/party. She'll attend Oxford, she says, and will become a lawyer, and when I get into a load of trouble I could call her and we'd be this ass-kicking duo. Of course, I didn't fail to mention that she'd be the one getting into trouble instead of innocent me. We talked about moving, but didn't mention not seeing each other again. That didn't mean that we didn't think about that topic, though. I knew, she knew. The thought hung thick: we won't be able to do this again, and you know that. But to the both of us it seemed that, I think, if we didn't mention it, it wouldn't become concrete, solid. It was as if saying such a thought would turn it from a 'most probably' to 'inevitably'.

I told her that she wouldn't be able to live right across from school again. She told me that I wouldn't be able to eat all my favourite foods again. We continued to joke, to tease, talked about how cold it was in Starbucks and about her wanting to go to Bangsar that night and about everything and nothing and anything that popped to mind. Everything happy, anything but sad topics. Silence was rare, silence was golden, silence said everything we didn't say to each other. I'm not going to see you again after this year and so silence was to be avoided.

Some time later, we left. Talked. Wandered about. Talked. And all the while we avoided the topic that manifested itself in our silence. But we had to talk, avoid the silence, and we won't be able to do this again, and you know that.


Blogger torment said...

Reminds me of when I moved to KL from Penang and left my bestest friend behind. Yes, we tried to fill our remaining time together with as much fun as possible, avoiding talking about not seeing each other again for a long time. Somehow, your post brings a lot of nostalgia. And thank you for making me feel old. :)

Thu Jul 07, 08:14:00 PM  
Blogger JUEI said...

Hey delevia! I can totally understand how does it feel to be separating from besties. You can write so well for your age. Keep up!

Fri Jul 08, 01:59:00 AM  
Blogger Kyels said...

Hey Delevia. I am Kyels. Thanks for dropping by me blog. Ur welcomed there always.

Yeah, it reminds me when I just came to KL to further me studies n I just left skul then. Even I get this feeling right now when I am writing this because I'll be takin me degree studies soon (was in pre-u). Gotta seperate wd me besties.. Cus they are goin for different courses.

Anyways, you can really write. Keep it up! Will visit ur blog all the time.


Fri Jul 08, 02:43:00 PM  
Blogger Delevia said...

Heh, thanks guys. Yeah, am close to her, and blah about moving.

Fri Jul 08, 04:08:00 PM  
Anonymous sarclover said...

hi undie babe...

been some time since you last dropped by in i like your blog, though i only read one entry.

on doing nothing, i used to do that all the damn time when i was studying in KL. and yes, i write with my earphones stuck firmly in my ears. those pleasures are beyond me right now. me doing nothing? that will be the day when Malaysians are finally turning into responsible drivers on the road... (sic) ;)...

keep it up girl.. and keep in touch.

Mon Jul 11, 04:41:00 PM  

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